20 years of experience

About Amanda Metcalf

I am a 40 year old mom of 5 kids - all under age 10! I have been a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for 20 years and it is my passion to help others pursue and reach their fitness goals.
Being a working mom, I understand the difficulties of balancing work, parenting and life with your health and well-being.

Running, mountain biking, racing, triathlon, bikini competition

Certified Personal Trainer, Cooper Institute
Group Fitness Instructor, Cooper Institute
Sports Nutrition, NESTA
Certified Physique and Figure Training Specialist, NESTA
Certified Corporate Wellness Coordinator, Spencer Institute


Our highly interactive program engages and rewards participants, keeping them consistently engaged and making continuous progress.

Our unique program gives you you very own Personal Trainer and Nutritionist "in your pocket".

Programs and resources are available 365/24/7, giving you flexibility and allowing you to reach goals on your terms, in your time.

Fitness is our speciality - with 20 years of fitness and nutrition experience we are well-versed in working with a broad range of clients.  Whether you've been a lifelong athlete or you're a complete beginner, we will build a personalized program to fit your needs and lifestyle.  

Then we will coach you giving accountability, encouragement and rewards along the way!